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About StoneGroup

Stone Group Corporation is one of the leading international recruitment groups, specializing in comprehensive, identification, assessment, recruitment and subsequent placement of qualified workers in various fields of industry and agriculture.

In business for over 21 years, Stone Group and its subsidiaries around the world have successfully placed over 14,000 workers in a variety of industries and in many different categories including construction, agriculture, factories, nursing homes, meat packing and processing plants, hotels, restaurants and many more. 

With a well-established international network with offices in markets such as Canada, USA, Romania, Germany and Israel to name a few, we are able to supply and monitor recruitment efforts through our professional recruitment and training facilities in Asia, as well as eastern and Central Europe. 

We, at Stone Group hold honesty and trust as guiding values in our relationships with both clients and our workers. We pride ourselves in being the connecting link between businesses which would like to fill open positions quickly, without complications and with the right fit, and applicants, who are searching for  a workplace that matches their qualifications.   We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs for qualified low-skilled and high-skilled workers and assisting you in meeting them.